Slice Images from Volumes




Automation, Texturing


Houdini 20


To generate slice images of volumes, there is a volume slice node that generates a slice image as a two-dimensional volume, which in turn can be read into the compositing context (COPs) as a pixel image. Offsetting the slice plane and the repeatedly exporting it as an image can be automated in the task context (TOPs).

1 Usage

Change the output file path under topnet1/ropcomposite1 to define image name and folder location. With sopimport1-node, you need to click on "set resolution" and "set planes" to adjust the image size to the format of the volume, in case you change it. In the sopimport1 node under "image", image_planes should then be set to "C". To generate all variants, it is also necessary to select both TOP nodes wedge1 and ropcomposite1 and press Shift-V.