Commercial Houdini video courses








Now that you have spent serious money on workstations, strong graphic cards, brilliant monitors and fancy input devices, it might be time to invest in your CG education. While there are many free resources all over the web, a well structured, dedicated video course might help to improve your skills faster and more solidly. Here are a few commercial tutorial courses on creating impressive projects with SideFX Houdini.

1 Houdini Basics

Starting from the ground up, yet explaining lots of lesser known details HipFlask by Fraser Shiers provides a brilliant introduction course to SideFX Houdini.

2 Procedural Modeling

E-Houdini Academy by former Ubisoft technical artist Erwin Heyms teaches industry-level procedural game asset creation. You can watch a free Houdini foundation video series and a building asset course that is linked to the Unreal Engine.

3 Motion Design

Entagma by Moritz Schwind and Manuel Casasola Merkle along with guest authors publish free and commercial video tutorials on motion graphics and graphic design with Houdini and Blender.

4 Visual Effects

Steven Knipping's Applied Houdini video tutorials cover a wide range of visual effects workflows.

5 Python

A course on tool building and viewport interaction with Houdini is presented by the SideFX Labs developer Paul Ambrosiussen.


The probably most advanced commercial VEX course created by Yunus "animatrix" Balcioglu, Senior FX Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic. It covers the entire range from image manipulation, geometry creation up to the implementation of a technical paper.

7 Tool Building

Houdini Technical Director Tolga Ersel explains how to build a production-proven feather generation asset using VEX for geometry processing as well as Python for tool building.